What Do You Need To Know When Hiring Skip Bins?

Whether you are renovating your home or simply having a clear out, you may be wondering how you can easily get rid of all your unwanted rubbish. Hiring skip bins is the perfect solution as they are a convenient means of disposing of large amounts of household waste without having to make frequent trips to the dump and are very cost effective.

There are several sizes of skip bins available for hire, so you need to consider how much rubbish you will need to dispose of to choose the size that is most appropriate for you. There are also different types of skip that are suitable for different purposes. Some are specifically for general waste, while others are for use in removing construction waste such as concrete, bricks and rubble, and others are suited for garden waste like dirt and soil. Today, it is even possible to find waste bin rental that are specifically for green waste. Therefore, you need to identify your waste removal needs to choose the correct type of skip.

When it comes to size, there are several options available. A mini skip that can hold around 25 average sized waste bags is the smallest choice, although midi skips that can take between 35 and 110 bags are more commonly available. The most popular size nationwide is an 8-yard skip that can hold around 70 bin bags. The largest available size is around 40 yards which is a roll on roll off type skip and can hold large amounts of bulky waste from both commercial and domestic properties. It is important to choose a large enough size as you should ensure that you refrain from over-filling skip bins. If you put refuse into the bin over the top level, it may not be able to be removed safely, and you could be charged an extra fee.FB Total Waste Disposal